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The electrical system in Canadá is on the verge of change; how can citizens prepare to be the winners in this?

Between power outages and tariff hikes, Canadian leaders and citizens find a light at the end of the tunnel: SOLAR PANELS

Leaders in Canadá are beginning to look more favorably at clean energy alternatives and are seeking a national plan

Solar energy: a clean alternative to enhance electricity in our territory

Canada due to its large area has a lot of resources for solar power. The regions like the southernmost parts of Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan, have the most solar potential. Today, solar energy is becoming a popular way to create power and heat in Canada, and it is serving to minimize pollutants associated with energy production. Despite the cold temperature and high latitudes (which receive a small amount of direct sunlight as compared to mid-latitudes), solar systems are used widely in Canada, from residential solar panels to massive power facilities.

Due to its high latitude, however, the country receives comparatively little solar radiation. This, combined with cloudy weather, results in a capacity factor of only 6%, compared to a capacity factor of 15% in America. According to the Canada Energy Regulator (previously the National Energy Board), By 2040, solar power will account for approximately 3% of total energy generation capacity in Canada.

From your position as a citizen, have you considered installing a solar panel system in your home? If you have, this will convince you! You can generate up to 2,000 kWh and become more prosperous as a result.

Many homeowners still believe that a solar energy system is not a good option, but what if I tell you there are numerous benefits? The reality is that, when you add up the incentives and savings on the electricity bill, the biggest beneficiary is the average Canadian. And today you could be next.


Power outages and uncertainty about electricity prices could cease to be a problem if you decide to switch to RadiantPower CND

  • Savings and generation: RadiantPower CND technology allows you to make more efficient use of your energy and allows authorities to sell your surplus.
  • Flexibility: we have flexible packages ranging from 2 to the number of panels needed to cover your needs.
  • Guarantee: we have specialists who can advise or visit you, if necessary.
  • A smart investment: solar panels can increase the value of your home in case of a sale process.

The construction of solar parks is just the beginning of the energy revolution in Canada. Join the future today!

You are getting closer to joining the group of Canadians who are changing the planet's climate reality

On average, a household in Canada consumes 900 kWh/month. With solar energy, you can generate more than that and start reaping the benefits!

Isn't that extraordinary? For the first time, energy will be a gain for you, not a monthly expense (now you'll only see MORE and MORE incomes!).

It certainly seems extraordinary because the norm is for energy to be more of an expense than an investment. However, the math will show that this is a real possibility:

Do you own a house and find this information interesting? Go on, we'll explain in detail the main reasons why investing in solar energy could open the door to an additional source of income.

In the end, you'll see that this is real, and that almost everyone in Canada can apply for this great benefit.



Up to 2,000 kWh

2-4 ($5,000)

2.000 - 5.000 kWh

5-7 ($7,000)

More than 5.000 kWh

From 7 ($8,500)

*This table illustrates consumption averages and the number of panels suggested by RadiantPower CND. For installation, a more in-depth study and quotation are conducted.**Remember that tax incentives can improve your initial investment. ***Prices vary according to consumption tables and specific location conditions.

The change for Canada lies in solar energy; the authorities know this and are seeking to fill the country with clean energy

1.Short-Term Savings

By starting to use your system, besides reducing the environmental impact, you will have the opportunity to freeze your monthly bill and thus start generating significant savings for your personal or family finances. This way, you can get one step ahead of the current tariff.

2. Long-Term Savings

Due to the global energy situation, electricity rates fluctuate annually without achieving real stability. A new increase for 2024 has even been proposed. In Canada, rates have increased at rates between 9% and 12% annually in recent years. In the long term, between 4 and 6 years, a solar energy system practically pays for itself due to savings and, of course, surplus production if you decide to sell it.

3. Increasing Home Value

With the rise of green energies, solar systems in Canada increase the value of homes when starting a sales process. Thus, an RadiantPower CND system could make a difference in making your property more attractive to buyers.


Canada began its journey to the future by making room for solar energy

As you can see, investing in a solar energy system can significantly increase the value of your property and provide you with benefits that you'll cherish, far beyond any concerns about transitioning from traditional to a modern system. Furthermore, over time, you will recover the majority of the project's cost.

The Department of Energy allows you to sell your surplus energy to fellow Canadian citizens, with them determining the quantities. How does the idea of saving money, assisting others, and preserving our planet sound to you? It's ACHIEVABLE. All you need to do is install today.

Clean energies represent the future and offer an array of possibilities and benefits that you've never been informed about. Ready to start your project? Fill the form below, and our agents will advise you on the finest options for solar energy systems in Canada.

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"Initially, I did it to save money, but once I realized that I could also earn, I knew I had made the right decision... and all I had to prove was that I'm Canadian!" - Peter Davis

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"It's the best investment I've ever made! Since I installed solar panels, I've enjoyed financial stability, and I take pride in being a catalyst for positive change by embracing clean energy.". - Cadence Wilson

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